Monday, January 22, 2018

Hungary tidbits...part 3

Today is the final town I will cover in our little Hungary overview.

Debrecen is the town that we live in. It's a beautiful town that we've enjoyed calling home for almost two years.

Debrecen has a population of a little over 207,000 people!

It's the second largest city in Hungary. 

For a year, in the 40's, Debrecen was the capital of Hungary.

Debrecen is located on the Great Hungarian Plain. 

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Hungary tidbits...part 2


We have visited Budapest a few times since we've been here in Hungary. It's about a three hour drive for us. Budapest is an amazing city! The architecture is some of my favorite here in Hungary, I could literally stare at the buildings all day! :) 

One of the many castles!

Heroes Square

Down a road in Budapest

One of my absolute favorite pictures I took!

Millions of houses!

One of the many castles in Budapest.

The famous Parliament Building

I was going through my pictures that I've taken there in Budapest, and I have a lot! I would say that Budapest is a photographers dream! I'm far from being a professional photographer, but taking pictures in Budapest is super fun! :)  

Now to the facts!  

Budapest is the capital of Hungary. 

It has a population of almost 2 million people! 

Budapest is one of the most densely populated major cities in the EU.

'Shoes on the Danube Bank' gives remembrance to the 3,500 people, 800 of them Jews, who were shot into the Danube during the time of the Arrow Cross terror. This is a sobering memorial to visit. 

The Great Market Hall

Us at the Great Market Hall

Peppers peppers everywhere!!

Coming soon...part 3...Debrecen!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Little Hungary tidbits...part 1

I feel a little silly that in the two years we've been in here in Hungary, I've never really given any info about Hungary! Silly, right?!  :)  So, I thought I would do a little mini series on Hungary tidbits. 

Let's start out with the country as a whole, then I'll break it down by major cities.

The Capital is Budapest. 

Hungary covers a land area of 35,920 sq mi. (93,030 sq, kilometers)
(a little smaller than Indiana)  

Hungary was under communism until 1989.

The population is almost 10 million people.

Catholicism and the Reformed churches are the two major religions. 

Hungarian, magyar is the official language. 

Hungary is part of Central Europe on the Carpathian Basin.

Hungarians can trace their lineage back to Mongolia. You can even still met some Atilla's every once in a while. :)  

The Hungarian flag

The Hungarian Coat of Arms

Coming soon...part 2...Budapest!