Saturday, June 22, 2013

Eryn's first fish!

Eryn caught her first fish today. :)  We went down to the ocean and just played around with our fishing poles. She was so excited when she caught an ulk. They are ugly fish that no one really eats. They are usually fed to their dogs.  Once she caught it she says, "Mommy, put this on blogger!!" That's my girl. :)

There was a puppy hanging around. So the girls had fun with it.

"Hey you, I wanna play!!" 

Eryn loving on the puppy.

Her first fish! Marty was having to hold the puppy back from getting it.

Just a little one.

"Hey, are there anymore in there?"

And to the doggie goes the spoil. He was super happy that we gave him Eryn's fish.

Friday, June 21, 2013

National Day!

Today is National Day here in Greenland! There are speeches, singing, picnics, kayaking, football games (soccer) and lots more. The whole town comes out to celebrate, just being a Greenlander. :) 

This was our first year to actually get out and enjoy it. The past ones we were in Sisimiut and it rained every time. We were told last year in Sisimiut that it has rained there every National Day for the past 10 years!  We went to the museum and looked around and then went to the Shulls house for hot dogs. It was a nice day.

We went out to watch them do some kayaking tricks. To me, kayaking is really neat. We took some video of them doing some of their tricks. :) I hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

A big crowd watching the kayakers

Just playing around

Eryn had the best seat in the house.

This little guy has "training wheels" See the blue floats?

One of the kayakers doing the tricks was a woman. :)

Enjoying the show

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A first for me.

Today Marty went by our fish store in town, and they had fresh crabs! I'm talking these puppies were still moving they were so fresh. Marty bought me one.

I have never cleaned and cooked a whole crab before, but I was up for the challenge. Thankfully I found all that I needed to know on the internet.
So for your enjoyment here are the pictures Marty took for me as I cooked and cleaned the crab.

Not everyday your dinner looks back at ya!

Okay Mr. Crab into the pot you go!

He's probably thinking that bath was a little too warm!

With my trusty computer and the internet I cleaned him all by myself!

All ready to eat, and he is yummy!

Beautiful weather!

The weather the past few days has been absolutely gorgeous! You guys probably are tired of hearing about our weather, but it is beautiful. The weather forecast has said that we are in the 50's. To us that is really warm. You can check out our weather here. I will say, that sometimes it is off. :)

I was talking to one of my friends outside the grocery store yesterday and she was rolling up her sleeves and fanning herself saying how hot it was. :) I have to agree, it was hot! I know in the States I would have probably would have been in a hoodie in 50 degree weather. But here it's different. The sun seems to be warmer, and the fact it doesn't set right now probably has something to do with it. :) 

Our kids have loved being able to go outside everyday for a couple of weeks now. I have to confess, I have enjoyed the quiet time that it brings. :)  

Sunburns here are a real problem for us. Marty and Maryanna have dark complexions and hardly ever burn, but even Marty is sporting a little sunburn. Eryn, Eli and I, on the other hand, look like lobsters if we stay outside too long. :)  Thankfully someone sent us some sunscreen and some Aloe Vera gel. So we can go out and enjoy the sun without roasting. :)

Eli and his "Batman" tan line. :)

Monday, June 10, 2013

Random pictures

Here are some random pictures that I have taken, I'm no professional, but I still enjoy it! I hope you enjoy them as well.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Great Day

We have had a great day today! We went to church, then went on a picnic with the Shulls. It was nice to get out and enjoy the sunshine. The kids ran around and played until their little heart here content. I am thankful to be in a place where my kids can run and pay and not have worry. And we are surrounded by Gods beautiful creation, that not many other people get to enjoy. :)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

This and that

The past few days have been busy but great! We are working hard on trying to get school done. I know we are running really behind, but the end is in sight. :) 

About two and a half week ago we met with some people with the American embassy from Denmark. We don't have an embassy here, so they were gracious enough to swing up to Ilulissat to help us with renewing our passports. We are very thankful they came to us, it saved us a lot of money. :)  We got our nicely renewed passports back in the mail yesterday.

They are proud new owners of renewed passports.
We also went to the Shulls house for a cook out yesterday. And of course I forgot my camera. I think I need to just strap it to me so I will stop forgetting to grab it. :)  We had a great time fellowshipping and watching the kids ride their bikes and play. I really enjoy talking with Carole.

We have a few meetings planned for furlough next year. I am really excited about getting to back to states for whole six months. :)  Marty has been busy getting things organized and getting meetings set up. Please pray for us concerning meetings. We are need of some new supporting churches, so that we can go back down to Sisimiut to start a work there.

Thank you for keeping up with us! I hope that my blog has been and encouragement to you.  :)  You guys are an encouragement to me. Have a great day!!  

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Friday fun...

Yesterday was a great day. :) Here is our Friday in pictures. Hope you enjoy.

Eli finished up Math! He has worked really hard, and made a 95 on his last test.

Eryn hurt her arm at the park. :( She got it caught in between some boards. Thankfully nothing is broken, just sore.

The grill master at work!

Enjoying the beautiful sunny day.

Some kids next door came out to play.

My kids live to play with the other kids whenever they gut the chance

I love to see my kids run around and play. :)