Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Blueberry Cream Cheese Bread!

You are probably thinking another recipe?! All this lady does is cook and eat! Yes, you are right. Cooking and eating are two of my favorite hobbies. :) 

I came across this recipe looking up different breakfast ideas. My family likes fruit breads/muffins for breakfast. I found a  recipe for the blueberry cream cheese bread on Pinterest.

It was a challenge for me to make this. It is pretty involved, BUT my husband and kids LOVED it! It is really yummy. The filling you make is almost like a cheese cake (it makes it really moist). So if you are looking for a challenge you can find the link to the bread here.

My loaf of yumminess!


  1. That looks so good:) I might have to try it some time:)

  2. Thank-you so much!! I can not wait to try it!!

  3. THAT looks soooooo GOOD! We just bought a huge bag of frozen blueberries. I LOVE cream cheese. (not good when you are on a major reduction d*et!!!!!) But for a TREAT. Oh wonderful.

    Yummy! Thanks for sharing the picture and the link!!!!