Friday, March 6, 2015

Prayer request...

It has been a while since I have blogged! We have busy with school and with everyday life. We start our spring break this next week, we are excited about that! Two more months of school and we will be on summer vacation. This school year has flown by! I will say, it has been nice to have a normal school year, at least as normal as it can be.   :) 

We went on a field trip to an aquarium.

On a ministry note, it looks like The Lord has closed the door to Denmark. You can read more about it HERE. We don't understand it, but all we can do is trust The Lord to lead us and give us direction. We are diligently praying about what The Lord wants us to do. I would ask that you would pray for us, this has not been an easy time for us. We still have a desire to reach the Arctic people. They are a forgotten people when it comes to the gospel. 
Thank you for those of you that pray for us, please continue to do so.  Pray that no matter what The Lord has in store for us that we will accept His will and get busy doing it.