Sunday, April 28, 2013


We have been in Greenland two years now! In some ways it has zoomed by, but in other ways it seems longer. We are very thankful for The Lords provision and His protection. 

We lived for a year and a half in the town of Sisimiut. Then we moved up to Ilulissat to have some much needed fellowship and to get help with the languages and culture. We have learned a lot in just the few short months we have been here.

Today has been a mixture of emotions. We are excited to see how the Lord has guided us and provided for us. We miss our families and Sisimiut. We made many friends there and are looking forward to seeing them all again.

Thank you for those who have stuck with us for many years! We don't take your support lightly. :)  We need the prayer and support to continue Freezin' for a Reason. :)

Kangerlussuaq airport getting ready to go to Sisimiut
(The plane in the pic is what we took from Denmark)

Bubba was wore out

She was so little when we flew here. 

Me and Sissy

Sissy and her wonderful smile

On our flight to Sisimiut

My little flying experts!

Me and lady bug, 


Saturday, April 27, 2013

See ya later!

We arrived in Boston at 5 in the morning. We rested until 10 and then Marty did chapel at the church that was taking us to the airport. After that we went to the airport and waited. I love the Boston airport. :)

Sissy awaiting our flight

Sweet Eryn

Bubba and his toothless grin

We got on our plane and headed to Iceland. We had a short layover there. We had flown over night, so we were exhausted. When we got to Iceland we couldn't even buy a cup of coffee because, in our rush for the past few days, we forgot to activate our debit cards for international use (we did get them activated in Denmark though).

My sleepy bugs

Red eye flights are rightly called that!

We made it Copenhagen, Denmark on April 27th.  We were only there one day, but we are looking forward to seeing it again next year. It is a beautiful place. The hotel we stayed at was one of the nicest we have ever stayed in. When we got into our room we were ready to crash, but instead we went exploring and found a mall called Fields across the highway from the hotel. It was really nice, and it was there we ate our last burger from Burger King.

We went back to the hotel and crashed. The next morning we went to check out and the people at the front desk told us that our kids would eat free at the breakfast bar. They said we could go ahead and eat and pay when we checked out. So we said okay, but the one thing we didn't count on was the cost it was for Marty and I.  :)  We paid $70 for two people, OUCH!  After our meal we loaded up and went to the airport to catch our flight to Greenland...but that's what tomorrows post will be about!

The kids and I thought this was great! It said hi to Marty on the TV in the hotel.

Our room was super nice

This is Fields, it was right across the highway from our hotel

Some of the houses

The kids and I looking out a giant window

Friday, April 26, 2013

See ya later part 8

After we loaded up our container in Virginia we made our way up to Boston. We didn't have much time to stop and enjoy the scenery, but we did get to see some beautiful sights just going down the road.

We did stop to look at the water. :)

Chesapeake Channel Tunnel

On the bridge

Thursday, April 25, 2013

See ya later part 7

Once Marty rescued me, (if you don't know what I'm talking about go back to the previous post) we set off to load our container. :)

We had driven over 1,000 miles in different vehicles so ,I was glad when we turned in the moving truck and were able to all ride together. I was also thankful that I didn't have to drive much after that. :D

Between all five of us it only took about an hour and a half to load. After that we all loaded up in our van and went and ate heartily at a Denny's.  

Getting the container all loaded

Eli being a ham

Sissy being a sweetie

Eryn just hanging around

My handsome man!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

See ya later part 6!

This was our last Sunday in the States which happened to be Easter. :) 

A funny thing happened on that day. I say that it is funny now, but at the time I was terrified!

After church that morning we went to grab a quick bit to eat, and down the road we went. We had been using walkie talkies to tallk to each other because Marty was driving the moving truck and I was driving our van. Just as  a side note, my cell pone had already been turned off, and Marty's phone could just text, not receive calls. Anyway, we were separated a little bit and the walkie talkies were a little out of range. Marty told me which way he had turned off onto the highway. So I went the way I thought he said, which happened to be the wrong way!

I was trying to catch up with a truck that I thought was Marty! After a while, I finally figured out I was going the wrong way!!  I started to panic, I take an exit and start to look for a place with wi-fi. If I could only get online and send him a text through my email. I stopped at several places and no luck. I get back on the highway and see the golden arches! I can honestly say I can't think of another time I was ever that excited to see a McDonalds!

I manage to get my computer plugged in and get a message sent off saying HELP to Marty!!  Thankfully He wasn't that far away. It was scary! I am thankful that this was the only mishap the entire trip. :)   

Our beautiful girls

Our wonderful kids! Man, have they grown!

Our Easter portraits taken outside a gas station. I loved the trees though. :)

Monday, April 22, 2013

See ya later part 5

Sorry, I'm a little behind. :)  After we left Alabama we went through Tennessee to see Marty's other brother and his wife. Then we made our way up to Boston. It was a LONG trip. :) We did a lot of traveling on deputation, but this trip was a rough one. But we are very thankful for The Lords protection! 
The kids did a lot of sleeping on this trip.

This is what I got to stare at for almost a week. :) 

Sometimes boredom got the best of us! LOL

A kids song in Greenlandic.

Have you ever wondered what Greenlandic sounds like?  Well, here is a little sample.  :)  This is the kids song Hallelu, Hallelu, Hallelu, Hallelujah, Praise ye the Lord, in Greenlandic.  

The words to the song in Greenlandic go:
Haliluja, Haliluja
Haliluja Haliluja,
Guuti ataqqiuk.
Haliluja, Haliluja
Haliluja Haliluja,
Guuti ataqqiuk, Haliluja
Guuti ataqqiuk, Haliluja
Guuti ataqqiuk Haliluja,
Guuti ataqqiuk Haliluja,
 Guuti ataqqiuk!

We are by no means anywhere close to being able to have a conversation in Greenlandic, but we do enjoy singing in Greenlandic. :)  Hope you enjoy.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

See ya later part 4

 Saying see ya later to my Husbands side of the family! I know stereotype tells me that I shouldn't love my in laws, but you know what, I do love them! I have a very sweet mother-in-law and some great brothers and sisters-in-law, and a bunch of nieces and nephews.

 Even though we didn't see them very often at all we still love them and miss them! 

Marty, his mom, and the kids

Marty and his mom


Friday, April 19, 2013

See ya later part 3

 Part three, the hardest see ya later I have ever had to do! We said see ya later to my parents. My parents are very dear to me. I miss them daily here.

My brother and I were adopted when we were young, so I feel extra blessed that The Lord saw fit to put my brother and I in their home. Just as a side note, I have been told I look like my Dad, which is funny because we are adopted. :D I love and miss them greatly and can't wait to see them again.
Our last picture together for a while. :)
Two very special people in my life!

All loaded and ready to go!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

See ya later part 2!

Today, two years ago, we said see ya later to some dear friends and a family member. :) My kids were close to some of the college students. I think part of it was my sis-in-law was in the college at the time. So anyone that was friends with Mena, was a friend to our kids, whether they liked it or not! :D

My sister-in-law Amanda is very dear to us.  She is more like a sister to me. I consider her a dear friend and a godly lady. It was very hard to say see ya later to her, but I an looking forward to seeing her again very soon. :) 

I have enjoyed looking back over the pictures and seeing how big the kids have gotten. It has been a fun trip down memory lane. I hope you enjoy them as well.

I had fun drawing on Mena's car. :)

I wrote all over Mena's car before we left. :)

One last jump on the trampoline.

The kids loved to jump with Mena

This is Julie, our landlords dog. They lived across the road. Julie was the kids guard dog, she would sit in the yard and watch them play. :) When we would be gone on a trip she would sit in our yard and wait for us to come back. :)

This is Trevor aka Hamster. Eli gave him that nickname, why hamster? I have no idea! :)  

Wrestling with Hamster

Eryn showing Rachel a bobo. :)