Monday, August 26, 2013

Another school year

We started our first full day of school today with all the kids. I have been working with Eryn for three weeks. We finally got the rest of the books in last Friday. 

Today has been a good but long day. We are on break right now, we still have three subjects left. :)   I am thankful that I can teach our children. I love to see their little hands go up to ask a question, or to hear, "Teacher, I have a question."   Here are some fun pictures of our first day.

My little class

Oh my, that's a lot of books!

We got this!!

Little bit hard at work

Science, Eli's favorite subject

Sissy doing her silent reading

Our wall. Our monster is reminding us of our Language Arts rules.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Boat ride with my family!

We had a great day today! We went on our first boat ride since 2009.  A church in Florida gave us some money to do something we wouldn't normally do. Taking a boat ride is something we don't normally do.  :)

So today we we went to the small village of Oqaatsut. The name of the village may be familiar to my regular readers on here. It's the village that Marty and Eli hiked to in July. We were originally going to go to a different village south of us, but they said the ocean was too rough, so we went to Oqaatsut.

We really enjoyed the ride. It was cold but we enjoyed getting to see all the icebergs, some of them up close and personal. :)

The kids enjoyed playing with some Chinese tourist that came along as well. I do believe that, for the most part, my kids have never met a stranger. They have a way of making friends quickly.  :)  We also got to talk to a Danish lady about the Baptist church here in Ilulissat.

We played around with some of the puppies and some stranded icebergs.  We got to watch a man cut up a seal and we enjoyed a picnic lunch by the ocean. (As a side note, our lunch was chicken, not seal.)

I have uploaded some pictures to Facebook. It was a pretty big download, so instead of re-uploading them to here I'm going to give you a link to Masey's Thoughts on Facebook.  Thank you for taking the time to read about our adventures here. :)   Oh, here is the link to the pictures on Facebook.  Here is the link to like Masey's Thoughts on Facebook. 

My wonderful family

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Danish pastry

Most people when they think of a danish pastry think of the stale cinnamon rolls you can buy in a gas station.  :)   Well, today, I made my first batch of some actual Danish pastries. It was a LOT of work, but well worth it! I started making them at 1:45 and finished them up at 8:45.  :)

I now have a new found respect for Danish pastry chefs. They must have arms of steel.   :)   

 I found the recipe here.  So, if you are up for a long but yummy challenge, this is for you.

Here's how mine turned out. :)

Just a little humor

I thought I would share some funny pictures that I have come across. The Bible tells us in Proverbs 17:22a  A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: 

I hope these silly little pictures brighten your day, in some way. 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Eryn the big 1st grader.

Today we started Eryn on her school work. I can't believe that my  little girl is big enough to be in the first grade.

We ordered Eli and Maryanna's school books last week, so they get a couple more weeks off.

Eryn is a sponge when it comes to school. She picked up most of her reading last year by just listening to me teach the other kids. She is a joy to teach!   :)

When did she get so big?!

She is turning into a beautiful young lady.

First day of school means new crayons. Who doesn't like a nice new box of crayons?

Eli and Sissy playing quietly as Eryn did her work.

Me and Eryn.

My helpers. Teacher books and my KOBO Arc

Busy bee

Lego's are a great quiet toy during school.