Friday, April 5, 2013

Sweet Memories!

As I was working on some sewing today, I kept thinking back when I was a little girl watching my Mom and Aunt Becky sew. They would get together and work on projects. I loved sitting in the sewing room just to watch. I learned a lot just by watching. I know my Mom thought I would never learn. :)

My Aunt passed away a little over 5 years ago. So the memories I have of her are precious to me. My favorite ones are the ones of her and my mom sewing. :)  She was a very special lady that I miss very much!  

Now I have two little girls that hover around as I cut out the pattern and ask a billion questions about what I'm doing. I see now the sweet time it was just to watch and ask questions.  I enjoy the time with them, and the memories that flood my mind as I sew.

My sweeties!


  1. I enjoy sewing. I am not perfect at it but hope to pass it on to Cayley. Thank you for sharing

    1. I'm not that great at sewing either, but I enjoy it.

  2. How cute! What are you sewing? I just completed a large sewing order from a family in Mexico that I hope to mail tomorrow:) I love to sew:)