Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pray for the homes of Greenland...

It is heartbreaking seeing the conditions of the homes here in Greenland. Marty and I both agree that some of the parents here care more for their dogs than they do their own children! What I mean by this is they spend more time training their dogs than they do training their children. They are more concerned that their dogs are healthy than that their children get the proper nutrition. In the summer last year we saw on many different occasions, small children, still in diapers, wandering the streets in small groups of 4 or 5 kids under 5 years old. Many of the kids here are left to fend for themselves. I understand that there are cultural differences, and we are not here to make them into Americans but Christians.  It’s just heartbreaking seeing what goes on here in the homes. We are challenged to keep our home in line with the Scriptures so that we can be an example. Our home is far from perfect but hopefully we, as a family, can be a light for Christ.

Some of Eli's friends
Maryanna and her friends playing Strawberry Shortcake last summer.
Teen pregnancy is outrageous here! And by teenagers I mean, 14 and above! Marriage here is rare. Most of the couples here just live together. There have been some years where the abortion rate has outnumbered the birth rate. The other missionaries, in Illulissat, Greenlands third largest town, have said that the hospital shuts down every Thursday just to perform abortions.

Playing at the park

A couple cuties!
The kids here are taught sex education in elementary school. Nudity is the norm. I haven’t taken our kids to the library here because the children’s books have nudity in them.  Greenlanders here are heavily influenced by Denmark. Whenever we were in Denmark we went to the mall there and went into the bookstore. We were looking at the children’s books and had to leave because of the nudity in the books and on the covers of the other books around us.    

Please pray for the homes of Greenland, without Christ they have no hope! I have a real burden for the young mothers and the children here. Please pray that our family can be a light in this land of spiritual and physical darkness.      


  1. I know the Lord will use you and Carole to be an example to the mothers there and maybe even more importantly the next generation as they visit your homes to play with your children (and eat your yummy treats) and learn about Jesus....They will want THEIR homes to be like yours!

    1. Thank you! I'm looking forward to our visit with Carole and her family! I haven't seen her in almost 8 years.:)