Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Kids 4th of July shirts

Today the kids and I made their 4th of July shirts. 

Naturally, I  got the idea off of Pinterest.  Where else do creative ideas come from? ;)  Certainly not from me, I am not very creative on my own.
Anyway,  these shirts we're super simple and lots of fun to make. All you need Is some red and blue acrylic paint and a white t-shirt.

Paint their hands blue and then put them where the stars would be on our flag.  Then just paint 7 red stripes. Let it dry and you are good to go!

To do all three of the kids shirts was less than $15! And they are one of a kind.  ;-)

Busy Summer

Hello out there! It has been a busy summer for us, June especially.  But, it has been a good summer so far.

Marty was able to take a trip to Nuuk Greenland at the beginning of June. The Lord blessed his trip in so many ways! He tells about it a lot better than I can,  so go on over and check out his blog. http://freezinforareason.me/2015/06/16/nuuk-trip-2015/

Also in June, all three kids went to camp! They had a blast. Marty and I got some much needed us time as well. We missed them, but we also enjoyed our time together.

We are also going to begin traveling again soon.  We are ready to get back on the road so we can get back to Greenland!  Please pray for Marty as he makes phone calls for meetings,  and also for me,  that I will be the Help meet he needs.

             We are eager to get back home.