Friday, September 7, 2012

Exciting news!!

We have been waiting 7 months to hear back on our residence permits. We filed in January of this year, then in May, we asked to be able to move to another town, Ilulissat, to work with the Shulls. Here in Greenland you can't just up and move to another town, you have to have permission from the government.

Well, today we are one step closer to moving!!  The Greenland government sent an email to Denmark saying that they are OK with our permits being renewed.  Marty has talked with Denmark several times already and they said that if they hear back an OK from Greenland, we shouldn't have any problems moving to Ilulissat.  Now we just wait until we get the actual permits in from Denmark, then we will be good to go!  Is it too soon to start packing? :)