Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Furlough update!

We are fast approaching our end of furlough! It seems like we just got back in the States.  :) 

We found out last week that we have to apply in person for our paperwork. At first we thought we would have to up to New York!  But after I did some checking I found out that we can go to Huston instead. We will be in Texas at the end of this week anyway. So we made an appointment at the embassy for next Tuesday at noon! I love how The Lord worked that out!   I was teasing Marty and said that I should get a cut of the money I saved us!  ;) 

It has been busy while we have been back, but us has been great! I have to confess that I have missed the slower paced life in the mission field. We are ready to get back on the field, and get to work!

Lord willing we will be in Denmark at the beginning of July! We have three more months left, and I know they will go by fast! 


  1. Always love seeing how God works stuff out. I know ya'll are excited to get "home".

    1. We are ready and excited to be getting back home. :)