Friday, June 1, 2012

In everything give thanks!

My "washer" for those 3 months! 
I was thinking earlier how sometimes I'm not very thankful for some of the little things.  As I was folding laundry today, I was thinking back a year ago I didn't have a washer!  I washed clothes by hand for 3 months. I hardly ever got caught up, and it seemed I was doing several loads a day.  I am not complaining , I just wanted to share how good the Lord has been to me!  I had never owned a new washer in the States, but The Lord blessed and we were able to get a brand new, still in the box, washer. We got it about a year ago and, it has worked beautifully!   The Bible tells us in everything give thanks! I am truly thankful for those 3 long months of hand washing. I know it sounds odd, but I truly am.    
My new washer!  

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