Friday, October 12, 2012

Getting Crafty!

I am not a very crafty person. But I do love to sew. :)  I have been sewing some skirts and dresses for my girls. Then today I made a table runner! This will probably be my last sewing project until we get moved! It was really easy and took me 12 minuets to do! It is called a 10 min. table runner, I know I went 2 min. over,  but hey, it turned out really good! I had a Church in Missouri send me a little care package. In it was some material and some instructions on how to do the table runner. Me, being not all that great with written instructions, turned to YouTube. :)  We typed in 10 min. table runner and the first one that came up was the one I needed!   I thought I would share the link for all my crafty friends!    
 ~Here it is~ 
 Even if you aren't crafty but have a sewing machine, you should give it a try!   Here is what mine looked like after it was all done. 

Happy Fall!

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