Thursday, January 3, 2013

Greenland tidbits...part 1

For the next few posts on here I thought I would share some random things about Greenland. Hope you enjoy them!

 The first thought most people have when they think of Greenland is a barren, frozen, wasteland. That is somewhat true in the winter here. :) It is still beautiful in the winter, but summer in Greenland has it's own distinct beauty. We may not have trees, but we do have some beautiful moss covered mountains, flowers, and berry bushes. The national flower is the Niviarsiaq. There are also lots of other flowers that The Lord has placed here to make Greenland a little bit more colorful. Here are just a few!

The national flower (Niviarsiaq) by a waterfall in Sisimiut.
Dandelions are in abundance here in the summer

A bug enjoying a Crowberry

Kulusuk in the summer



  1. I am a daisy freak and I was SOOOO excited when in Greenland I saw daisies!!!!

    1. I am looking forward to seeing the daisies here. We didn't have many in Sisimiut.

  2. Beautiful pictures!!! I'm looking forward to you Greenland posts:)