Saturday, January 5, 2013

Greenland tidbits...part 2

This post will give you just some basic facts about our arctic home, Greenland.

~Greenland is, by area, the worlds largest island~

~The population is just under 57,000~

~Nuuk is the capital. It's the most populated town in Greenland at 16,000~

~There are no roads that connect cities~

~Greenlandic and Danish are the languages they speak~

~The native people are Inuits, not Eskimos~

~The Lutheran church is the State church~

~81% of Greenland is covered in ice~

~There are currently only two independent Baptist missionary families in all of Greenland~

~Greenland has about 80 cities and villages~

~Dog sledges are still a major mode of transportation in the winter~

~I love my Arctic home~

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