Monday, August 5, 2013

Eryn the big 1st grader.

Today we started Eryn on her school work. I can't believe that my  little girl is big enough to be in the first grade.

We ordered Eli and Maryanna's school books last week, so they get a couple more weeks off.

Eryn is a sponge when it comes to school. She picked up most of her reading last year by just listening to me teach the other kids. She is a joy to teach!   :)

When did she get so big?!

She is turning into a beautiful young lady.

First day of school means new crayons. Who doesn't like a nice new box of crayons?

Eli and Sissy playing quietly as Eryn did her work.

Me and Eryn.

My helpers. Teacher books and my KOBO Arc

Busy bee

Lego's are a great quiet toy during school.


  1. Happy first day of school, Eryn! I have a first grader (Laci) this year, too! :)