Thursday, July 25, 2013

Doing the happy dance!

I literally did the happy dance today! We are done with school, finally!

  Eryn already has her books for next year, so I plan on starting with her  August 5th. And start the other two whenever their books get here. I am looking forward to a little break.

This year has been fun, but long. :)

 Maryanna finished up this year with all A's. And she's now a mean green reading machine. :)  Elijah finished up with one B and the rest are A's. He has learned a lot and has been a great student. Eryn has been my little sponge this year. She has learned so much just by listening to the other two. I love teaching my kids. It is challenging at times, but I love it! 


  1. I remember that feeling....and in a few weeks you will have great aspirations for the new year! Congrats!

  2. Yeah, enjoy it while it lasts! Seems like the summer is all but over already. School time is almost here again.

  3. Yeah for you! Congratulations! You'll have to do a post on what you are using for next years homeschool....
    Enjoy your break!