Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Teaching tip #101

I am by no means an expert on teaching. I'm just a homeschooling Mom to three kids. But I thought I would share something I figured out today. If you have already learned this, just humor me. :)

Today, Maryanna was getting stressed out while doing her language arts. It's not her strongest subject, so she tends to get frustrated a lot. Well today we were reviewing over some things she learned, and she just wasn't getting it. It's easy for me to get irritated when I know that they know it. :)  But today, instead of getting irritated at her, I just smiled at her. I told her that she knows it, and to think really hard. Instead of her usual response of, "I just don't know it" I got a smile back and the answer I was looking for.

So you see, a smile can truly make a difference.  Don't forget to smile today, it may help someone who is struggling, even in your own home.

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