Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Our Journey to America!

Hi everyone!  I have missed blogging. (:   It has been really busy for us lately, but we have enjoyed being back in America.

It was a LONG trip for us when we left Greenland and made our way to Denmark. We spent 24 hours getting to the summer house that we rented. We had a blast in Denmark, it was our first family vacation.  We made so many new memories as a family.

After our week stay in Denmark we made our way back here to America. We hit a few snags along the way but, thankfully, The Lord brought us through them.  The snags started in Greenland airport. Our luggage was over the weight limit, so we had to throw away some of the kids school books. Talk about a sickening feeling!  We got that all straightened out and got to Denmark with no other problems.     

On our way to Iceland to America we were told that we needed Green Cards to get back to America! It was crazy, but once again The Lord took care of it!  We landed in Denver a little after 5:30pm on November 7th. We had less than an hour to go through Passport control, security, Customs, and get our luggage moved to the right plane to Kansas City. I'm still not sure how we did it, but we made it!

Thank you for all those that prayed for us as we traveled! The Lord provided in every aspect of our trip!  Here are just a few pictures of our trip, I hope you enjoy!

Waiting for our taxi

Our plane has arrived

The first thing we did when we got in the Copenhagen airport was eat at Burger King! It was really good!

After a really long wait in the airport for our train, 6 hours, we all fell asleep on the train.

My happy campers!

The ocean. It was beautiful!

This house was right on the ocean. It had a sod roof.

I thought this was neat. You could take the bundle of wood and leave your money in the can.

A bakery that smelled wonderful!

Inside one of the stores

This was a common sight in Denmark. It seemed like everyone has a small dog. We enjoyed seeing them.

Some of the names of the towns

Out for a stroll

This was a school in Hals

Beautiful Denmark

Genbrug~thrift store

This is the Greenland house in Aalborg.

Some mannequins with the Greenlander's national dress

The whole reason we are moving to Denmark! To learn Danish and reach out to the Danes and Greenlanders!

We loved all the trees

This is a viking burial ground outside of Aalborg

Eli the Fierce!

Home sweet home! Our first services back at our sending church, it was AWESOME!

Marty's Mom came for a short visit.  :)

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  1. I'm so excited to read this! Praise The Lord you all made it back safely to the US. I loved the pictures. Can't wait to see you guys.