Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Planes, Trains and Automobiles!

We have three more days here in Greenland! It has been a busy around here, just getting everything in order.

 We fly out at 7am Friday morning we have a 4 hour layover in Kangerlussuaq, leave at 11am and arrive in Copenhagen, Denmark at 8pm. Then we have a train to catch at 4am Saturday. We arrive in Aalborg, Denmark at 10am, then we pick up our rental car.  Then make our way North to the little town of  Vittrup, Denmark where the summer house is and where sweet sleep will await us.  (: 

I would ask that you would pray for our kids, as it has been a long time since they have traveled that long. I'm sure they will do good, but it helps knowing that people are praying for us.   :)   

We will not have Internet at the summer house.  But I'm hoping to find a little internet cafe so that we can keep in touch for the short time we are in Denmark. We will only be in Denmark for 6 days before we fly to the States for our 6 month furlough.

I plan on putting a lot of pictures on here of our trip once I get the chance.  Marty said we get to play tourist and take lots and lots of pictures. :)

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