Saturday, May 18, 2013

In town...

Today has been a really nice day! It was snowing pretty good this morning then slacked up. So we went into town to look around a little bit. I thought I would give you a little tour around town. 

Here we go!

Sledding before we left the house

Silly gooses

Sledge crossing

This is the main road in town

Our Canada Goose shop 

The Glacier Shop

Some of the apartments 

World of Greenland tour shop

This is my favorite shop. It's our fur shop, they make things right in the store. Very cool 

Front of the fur shop

Eryn being silly

SPAR is like a conveniant store

Our bank, at least the make shift one, they are remodeling the bank. So our bank is now in the SPAR 

Marty and his giant danish

The harbor

The people are walking in the frozen part of the bay

We watched this fisherman bait his lines

Crab legs anyone?!

Royal Greenland is one of the fish factories in town. Fishing is the main industry for Greenland


Some of the old boats

Taking a break from savaging the fishing boats. :) 

Halibut is huge here in Ilulissat, this is the factory. 

One of the cafes 


  1. This was very neat to see where ya'll live and what it is like there. Thanks for sharing and praying for ya'll in El Dorado, AR

    1. Thank you! I plan on doing a post about the grocery stores soon. :)

  2. So neat to see "around town". Thanks for the tour!