Thursday, May 30, 2013

Painting rocks...

Today is cold and dreary outside. The kids were desperate for some form of entertainment. As a side note, we try not to watch anything during the week, because I noticed that the kids have a harder time concentrating in school. Anyway, they were in need of something to entertain them.

I got an ebook about a week ago that gives some really neat "boredom buster ideas".You can check out the book here. I came across one that I thought was great, painting pet rocks. :) I know it seems simple, but my guys lOVED it! Talk about an easy and non expensive way to have fun. The laughed and sang as they painted their rocks. 
My kids have wonderful imaginations and I hope they keep them forever!!

Painting away




Finger paint and some Q tips

Maryanna's face

Happy Bubba

All smiles

Love her smile

Happy kids make for a happy momma!!

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