Saturday, June 22, 2013

Eryn's first fish!

Eryn caught her first fish today. :)  We went down to the ocean and just played around with our fishing poles. She was so excited when she caught an ulk. They are ugly fish that no one really eats. They are usually fed to their dogs.  Once she caught it she says, "Mommy, put this on blogger!!" That's my girl. :)

There was a puppy hanging around. So the girls had fun with it.

"Hey you, I wanna play!!" 

Eryn loving on the puppy.

Her first fish! Marty was having to hold the puppy back from getting it.

Just a little one.

"Hey, are there anymore in there?"

And to the doggie goes the spoil. He was super happy that we gave him Eryn's fish.


  1. Great job, Eryn! As for the puppy...he's adorable:)

    1. She was so excited and the puppy was really cute. :)

  2. Whoo hoo Eryn!!!!! That's so awesome!!! The puppy was cute but my little people are cuter!!! :) How cold was it? Elli looked a lil chilly but Marty didn't even have a long sleeve on!! Lol