Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A first for me.

Today Marty went by our fish store in town, and they had fresh crabs! I'm talking these puppies were still moving they were so fresh. Marty bought me one.

I have never cleaned and cooked a whole crab before, but I was up for the challenge. Thankfully I found all that I needed to know on the internet.
So for your enjoyment here are the pictures Marty took for me as I cooked and cleaned the crab.

Not everyday your dinner looks back at ya!

Okay Mr. Crab into the pot you go!

He's probably thinking that bath was a little too warm!

With my trusty computer and the internet I cleaned him all by myself!

All ready to eat, and he is yummy!


  1. The Internet can be wonderful, can't it? I admire all the many things you do as a wife, mother, homemaker, teacher, etc. I love keeping up with you on Facebook. Thanks for posting lots of photos. God bless you!
    Carolyn Courtney

  2. Oooo...YUM! I love crab:) You did a great job cleaning it! I don't know that I'd enjoy that...seems a bit tedious. Cleaning deer is more my speed. I had a blast doing three deer in two days with two other friends two years ago! Though Mom wasn't too thrilled with the sight of all that blood in her kitchen:) LOL

  3. Wow! I'm just not sure i could of done that.... I'm very impressed! :) i do like crab but i don't see him alive before i consume him.... Lol.