Thursday, October 10, 2013

Just some thoughts from my heart!

As the time for furlough approaches the more excited we get.  Tomorrow marks 3 weeks until we fly out.  But along with that come nervousness and some sadness. We have been here in Greenland for 2 1/2 years, and just as we start to get settled The Lord moves us. I'm not complaining, just thought I would share a little of my heart with you.

We have come to love the Greenlanders and we have a real desire to see them reached for Christ. BUT without knowing the languages, we can do nothing! I know very little Danish and even less Greenlandic.  It is disheartening at times that all I can say in Greenlandic is "Hi, how are you?",  "I'm good", and a few other basic phrases.

We are looking forward to getting into Denmark to be able to go to the language school and get Danish under our belts!  I realize that most Greenlanders do not speak Danish, but it will give us a really good insight on being able to study Greenlandic. No, Greenlandic and Danish are no where similar. But all the resources, save maybe one or two things, that teach Greenlandic, are written in Danish.   

Please pray for us as we start on this new phase of our ministry! No, we are not quiting or giving up on Greenland!!  We are planning on ministering to the Greenlanders and also the Danes while we attend classes.  There are a good number of Greenlanders in Denmark.

On another note, we pack our container next week!!  Also next Thursday Eli turns 9! Boy, where did the time go?!  He is such a sweet and tenderhearted young man. He loves to help others. Our prayer is that the Lord will use him in a great way!

Since we are going to be busy next week with moving Marty and Eli went out today for his birthday lunch. This is a tradition we started here in Greenland. The birthday boy or girl gets to go with Mommy or Daddy on date out to lunch. :) 

Eli and Dad on their way to lunch.


  1. I hope we can see you when you are here, Masey! We sure do love and appreciate your family - you are such a blessing!

    1. We would LOVE to see you guys again. You and your family have have been a blessing us. Thank you. :)