Monday, March 26, 2012

For my girls...

My little chefs!
She’s walking in my footsteps
That’s very plain to see-
She says that when she’s grown up
She wants to be just like me.
But it’s a scary feeling,
Though one that brings me pride,
And it makes me pause and ponder
My heart, and what’s inside.

Do I really want her
To be just like me all the time?
Could I be proud to tell folks
That she’s a child of mine?
Am I the kind of lady
That I want my girls to be?
Would it make me happy
If they DID turn out like me?

Or would it bring me heartbreak
If those wishes did come true-
“Mommy when I’m grown up
I want to be just like you”?
Would I have to shed some tears
And bow my head in shame
If what I am today
Is what my daughters soon become?

Dear Lord, I’m begging that You will
Remind me everyday
That little girls are watching
Everything I do and say
Lord, make me into the kind of lady
Whose light the world can see
So I can be glad if my little girls
Grow up to be just like me.

~Cathy Corle~
Mission Motherhood
My little jewels!

This poem speaks for itself! This is my prayer that I can be the lady that I would want my girls to be. If you don’t have a copy of Mission Motherhood, by Mrs. Cathy Corle, it would be an excellent addition to your library. It would also be a great baby shower gift for new mommies!   


  1. Thank you for sharing. That is powerful. I have never read that book...will have to get it.

    1. I'm just now re-reading it, and boy, I need it! :)