Friday, March 30, 2012

Prices for everyday things in Greenland.

I went to the store today and was looking around and decided to share some of our everyday prices of different items here. Some of these items are on sale, some of them are regular price. The prices you see are in Danish Kroner, and our exchange rate right now is 5.5 DKK to one dollar. When we first came here I kept looking at the prices as US dollars, and it was quite a shock! We see packs of hamburger meat for 100 Kroner and not as $100 now! That can kinda get the heart pumping for you.  :)     

These boot are on sale and are $60

Princess shirt-$25

Pillow-$80! This pillow better be awesome! :)

60 diapers-almost $35

Princess shoes-around $32

This little jewel is around $120!!

Legos around-$26!

Dolls around- $26

Frying pan-$30

This pan is on sale for $70

Microwave-$120, it was the only kind they have!

TRESemme' on sale this week-2 for $20


  1. I love seeing the prices in other countries. Australia is pretty expensive too! I'd love for you to link this to our Missionary Monday!

    1. How do I do that? Sorry,I'm still trying to figure out all the blogger things!