Sunday, July 22, 2012

A prayer request

This past week has been a rough one! I have been really sick with something. I went to the doctor last Tuesday and they did some blood work. They were able to test some of the blood here, but for the other test they had to send it down to Nuuk. The test came back normal for blood sugar and anemia. It's scary for me, because all the "simple" test came back normal. The doctor didn't want to say anything for sure until the lab results come back. I go back July 31st. We are also in contact with our doctor in the States.  

Greenland had limited medical, to say the least! Our town is the second largest and all we have are a few ultrasound machines and an x-ray machine. For anything else they fly you down to the capital, Nuuk. Since we have socialized medicine the flights down to Nuuk are covered under our "health care". But believe me, we pay for it through our taxes! We pay $600 a month in taxes!  But, I hope and pray that it doesn't come down to having to be taken down to Nuuk!

Marty has been a great help to me this past week! He has cleaned, cooked, and done a whole lot to help out. I am truly thankful for the husband The Lord gave me.