Saturday, July 7, 2012

A little bit of everything...

Things have been busy here for us these past few weeks. Not really with ministry things, but with everyday life here in Greenland. We have been fighting strep throat, sinus infections, and Marty had two teeth pulled Thursday! He does back this next Thursday to get the stitches removed and get one more tooth pulled. It has been an interesting two weeks! Between me having a sinus infection and trying to keep the house in order, it has been busy.  :)

 I have tried to work on learning Danish and plan to pick it back up on our school break. Sometimes it seems almost impossible that I will ever learn Danish. I can read and understand more than I can speak. So, as a prayer request, for me, pray that I will be able to learn Danish and retain what I learn! 

We will finish up school Monday. Eli is really excited, he told me other day that he is excited to be going into the second grade. It is hard to believe that my "baby",Eryn, will be in kindergarten, I will also have a first grader and a second grader. Our kids are growing up way to fast.

Our little crowd!
We had two little visitors last Sunday morning. They have been back everyday since then! I feel bad that we haven't let them come inside, but with Marty having the teeth pulled and me and the kids not feeling well, it just wasn't a good idea to let them come in. We usually allow a couple of the kids to come in to play for a little while, but usually now more than two. Let me explain why! A few months back we allowed several kids to come in, 13, to be exact! That was a bad idea!  We live in a small 800sq foot house, split into two stories. I know too most, a 800sq foot house doesn't seem that small, but when you put 13 loud, running kids, that we couldn't communicate with,  in a space that small, it is chaos! We learned our lesson that day.

Thank you too all of my followers who pray for us and keep up with us! It is a great encouragement to read your comments and to know that many people pray for us.  Thank you!


  1. Keep at the Danish Masey....You will get it! Hope everyone is feeling back in tiptop shape soon!