Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Kaffemik

We went to a Kaffemik today. A kaffemik is a party that lasts all day, and people come and go all day long. There is no set time you have to be there. Tradition is you usually don't stay any more than an hour. The kaffemik we went to today was for a little boy named Arnii, who will be three on Monday.  A kaffemik is held for lots of occasions like: Confirmation, birthday's, anniversaries, and pretty much anything else they want to celebrate. A kaffemik can consist of a full meal or just some sweets, coffee or hot tea. Our kids love going to the kaffemiks because of the sweets!   Here are a few pictures of the little kaffemik we enjoyed today.  

This was just a little kaffemik, but we still enjoyed it!


The birthday boy, he is such a cutie!

Busy playing

Our kids enjoying some cartoons and juice

My plate

Me...enjoying where The Lord has placed us!

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