Monday, August 6, 2012

Homeschooling Helpers!

We start our homeschooling year next week! Our summer break has flown by. But, I am looking forward to getting on a normal schedule again.  Here are a few links that I thought I would share that I plan on using this year.
Our three blessing I get to homeschool this year!

This one is for charts. I plan on using it for behavior and memory verses learned.

This is for some really neat things called Foldables. They can be used in a lot of different subjects and they look fun to make! They are for giving facts about different things that your student will learn throughout the year. I am not to sure I am making much sense, so just just check out the link below!  :)

These next few are for crafts that I thought were really cute! I got them off Pinterest from another homeschooling mommy!

Now this one is a must have if you don't already have a gradebook! I used it last year and I love it! It is super easy to understand and use. We send our grades back to our sending church, so this makes it really easy to email them at the end of the year. Instead of having to transfer them from paper to you computer you will have all you need right there.

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