Sunday, August 12, 2012

Our walk today

Today after our services we went on a much needed walk. I haven't been on a good long walk in weeks! So we went all the way across town to The Arctic Circle lookout. We are 25 miles above the Arctic Circle. And from the lookout you can see the mountains that are right along the Arctic Circle line. It is amazing that on a clear day, like today, you can see the mountains perfectly. I love going there and sitting down and looking at the ocean and the mountains, and think how blessed I am to be surrounded by such beauty!

The farthest mountains are the Arctic Circle! 25 miles away!!
I love all the colors of the houses here!

My handsome little man

Eryn enjoying her ice cream

Greenlands flag in the breeze

Our happy and healthy children! 

My coffee date!  :)

Lots and lots of stairs!

Some Geenalandic children playing

Enjoying some nice ice cream on a warm day

Me and my wind blown hair! 

A mamma duck and her baby, they were so cute to watch!

My ring Eli made me! 

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