Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Our golden calf?!

I wanted to share with you guys what we payed for ground beef today. Sometimes I think beef here could be used as a form of currency. :)  I am by no means complaining, I just thought I would give you a glimpse into a little bit of our grocery shopping. I am very thankful for what The Lord provides. :)  

 This pack of hamburger meat was on sale. See that orange sticker on the package, that means it's on sale. It weighs 0.78 Kilos (1.72 pounds) . The price...40 Kroner ($7.12)   I bought three packs and came home and divided the packs into 6 little freezer bags. We will get 6 meals out of those three packs. :)  


  1. I'd have to double check; but think we are paying over $3 a pound here in Oklahoma (in beef country). I think the drought has hurt beef prices because farmers had to sell off some of their cattle early. Affected the prices here. Don't suppose it would have affected yours.