Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring may have sprung!

The past couple days we have been above 0! I can only hope it is finally going to start warming on up. :)  Today our temperature has been around 3 Celsius (around 37 Fahrenheit)!  I have had our kitchen window open most of the day. It has been nice to have lots of fresh air in the house.

A warm up?!
It has also been nice to be able to finally get caught up on the laundry. :) Things don't dry very fast in below zero weather. The towels and blue jeans usually take a few days to dry outside. And when you do bring them in you can usually stand up on their own. :) 
 I hope your weather is warming up and you get to go out and enjoy it. :)


  1. Yes, we are at 55 right now, and LOVING IT! Follow my blog if you like :)

  2. I had seen on Facebook where you had redone your blog. I didn't realize you had one. I finally figured out how to follow it, so now I can keep up with you! :)

  3. So, are the clothes wet again when they thaw? I've always wondered about that! I hope you can help me. lol! I am enjoying the milder weather here, too, but I'm also hoping it won't get hot for a while. :)

    1. They are a little damp, but don't take very long to dry once they thaw! :)