Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The hike and the homefront...

Marty and Eli made it back around 7:30 last night from their hike. It was a 26 mile round trip. They left early Monday morning, camped out, and returned Tuesday evening.

It was an interesting two days without my guys. We started out Monday morning by Eryn hitting her head really hard on the road. She is now sporting a huge bruise and a knot right in the middle of her forehead. We had a girls night and that was a lot of fun.  Marty called before he went to sleep to say that they were tired and sore but doing good.

Tuesday morning I had a message on Facebook from my Sister-in-law saying that my Mother-in-law is in the hospital with some serious heath issues. I tried to call Marty to tell him, but his phone had died in the night. So, I had no way to get him the message.

I asked Carole if she had heard from the others and they all had left from the village at 8:30. So I was to expect them home for dinner. I made Marty's favorite meal and it was waiting on him. Carole messaged me to tell me that her guys had made it back around 3:30. But, Marty and Eli were about 2-3 hours behind them. Well, when 3 hours had passed and they still weren't back, I started to worry. I couldn't call him, because his phone was dead.

At a little after 7 Carole had messaged saying that Chris could go out and look for them if they weren't back soon. As I was talking with her about sending out the cavalry, Marty and Eli pulled up!! The girls ran out to met them, and gave them both big hugs! We missed them, and are very thankful they made it back in one piece. :) They are blistered, sore and bug bit, but they are home. :)

It was an adventure for all of us, even thought the girls and I stayed home. We had our share of excitement. :)

Here are some pictures that they took while they walked. Some of them Eli took, some of them Marty took.

And their off!

It was chilly and cloudy Monday

I love this picture!

Summer house

I named this one the bubble gum house.

Lots of ice bergs

My handsome guy!

My buddy playing around

This is the village that they hiked to. It has a whopping population of 50 people.

The store. It was really small

They got there as they were cutting up a whale!

Marty was told that this whale weighed between 35-38 tons!!

Who can resist such cute faces. :)

Marty and Eli's tent

Marty's whale dinner. No, it wasn't from the whale they were cutting up.

Eli is super excited about eating his whale. MAMMAQ! (yummy)

Eli flexing between playing soccer.

Marty and Eli

Eli powering down. :) He was a trooper on his first big hike. 

Do you see the musk ox head, and his fur?

The reason we are in Greenland, the people!

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  1. WOW!!! That is so neat! I'm sure it was an adventure that they will never forget:) I had to laugh when I saw the picture of Brother Shull taking a picture of his plate of food...the picture of the food is now on Mrs. Shull's blog:) LOL Praise the Lord for the making of memories!