Monday, July 1, 2013

Taking a hike.

Marty, Eli, Chris, Christopher and another young man left early this morning on a 13 mile hike to another village, Oqaatsut, which is north of here. They will be hiking most of the day today, and will camp out and be back sometime tomorrow.

Eli was really excited about the hike. :) They took the camera, so hopefully sometime latter this week I will have lots of pictures of their hike.  

I will ask that you pray for Marty. He is just now getting over being sick from our water. He was sick for 2 weeks. He is feeling a lot better, but he really doesn't want to get sick while they are out. Thank you!

This gives you an idea on where they are going. Point A is Ilulissat and point B is Oqaatsut. 

Marty and his 35 pound pack. :)

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