Thursday, April 18, 2013

See ya later part 2!

Today, two years ago, we said see ya later to some dear friends and a family member. :) My kids were close to some of the college students. I think part of it was my sis-in-law was in the college at the time. So anyone that was friends with Mena, was a friend to our kids, whether they liked it or not! :D

My sister-in-law Amanda is very dear to us.  She is more like a sister to me. I consider her a dear friend and a godly lady. It was very hard to say see ya later to her, but I an looking forward to seeing her again very soon. :) 

I have enjoyed looking back over the pictures and seeing how big the kids have gotten. It has been a fun trip down memory lane. I hope you enjoy them as well.

I had fun drawing on Mena's car. :)

I wrote all over Mena's car before we left. :)

One last jump on the trampoline.

The kids loved to jump with Mena

This is Julie, our landlords dog. They lived across the road. Julie was the kids guard dog, she would sit in the yard and watch them play. :) When we would be gone on a trip she would sit in our yard and wait for us to come back. :)

This is Trevor aka Hamster. Eli gave him that nickname, why hamster? I have no idea! :)  

Wrestling with Hamster

Eryn showing Rachel a bobo. :) 


  1. Oh...i just saw this! That was a fun but hard day! Thank you Masey for the nice words! I hope if the Lord allows me to be a mommy I'll be like you! You're a great mommy and such a sweet lady! Thanks for the pictures! I hope to see y'all soon...though i know I'll's just me! Lol love you Masey! :-)
    I'm glad God choose you to be my sister! :)