Saturday, April 27, 2013

See ya later!

We arrived in Boston at 5 in the morning. We rested until 10 and then Marty did chapel at the church that was taking us to the airport. After that we went to the airport and waited. I love the Boston airport. :)

Sissy awaiting our flight

Sweet Eryn

Bubba and his toothless grin

We got on our plane and headed to Iceland. We had a short layover there. We had flown over night, so we were exhausted. When we got to Iceland we couldn't even buy a cup of coffee because, in our rush for the past few days, we forgot to activate our debit cards for international use (we did get them activated in Denmark though).

My sleepy bugs

Red eye flights are rightly called that!

We made it Copenhagen, Denmark on April 27th.  We were only there one day, but we are looking forward to seeing it again next year. It is a beautiful place. The hotel we stayed at was one of the nicest we have ever stayed in. When we got into our room we were ready to crash, but instead we went exploring and found a mall called Fields across the highway from the hotel. It was really nice, and it was there we ate our last burger from Burger King.

We went back to the hotel and crashed. The next morning we went to check out and the people at the front desk told us that our kids would eat free at the breakfast bar. They said we could go ahead and eat and pay when we checked out. So we said okay, but the one thing we didn't count on was the cost it was for Marty and I.  :)  We paid $70 for two people, OUCH!  After our meal we loaded up and went to the airport to catch our flight to Greenland...but that's what tomorrows post will be about!

The kids and I thought this was great! It said hi to Marty on the TV in the hotel.

Our room was super nice

This is Fields, it was right across the highway from our hotel

Some of the houses

The kids and I looking out a giant window

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