Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Two years and counting!

Two years ago we said "see ya later" to our home church, Victory Baptist in Benton, Arkansas.  Our church is a blessing to us in a lot of ways. It is where Marty graduated college, and where all three of our kids were raised. It is home to our kids and us. We look forward to seeing the sweet people there in about a year.

The 28th will mark two years since arriving here in Greenland! I thought I would take the next 11 days and post a picture a day of our travel adventures from AR, to Ms, to AL, all the way up to Boston, MA!!  Yes, we did all that traveling in the last 11 days we were in the States. And believe me, there was plenty of excitement! :)

My family at our last services. The other lady is our Mena (my sister-in-law). :)


  1. I can not believe the difference in 2 years!! They were so little.(the kids:)) I remember that Sunday, it was a sad night at the LeClercq house!!