Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Looking back, part 2!

Today will be part two of our year in review! I did January-April yesterday. So, lets hop back on memory lane!


May was a month of us getting adjusted to being here in Hungary. Trying to find our way around town, figuring out what was what when it came to grocery shopping, and passing out John and Romans. 

Eryn was my visitation partner!


June was the month our pallet arrived! It was a big headache to clear it past customs, but in the end we were glad to have our things. I turned 32 in June. I have no problem telling people my age, I'm glad the Lord has given me 32 wonderful years.


July we helped with vacation Bible school. It was so much fun! It was hot and tiring, but worth it! July Marty turned 33!


August was back to school for us! I home school, and this year I have a 4th, 5th, and 6th grader! Marty has stepped in and is helping with some of the subjects to help me with the work load. I greatly appreciate him helping! 


September our pastor and his wife came for a visit! We really enjoyed our time with Bro. and Mrs. Graham. We got to show them around town and also take a train ride to another town in north Hungary. We got to know them better and feel closer to them from their visit. We are looking forward to when they can come back!


Tomorrow!!  :)

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