Monday, December 26, 2016

Looking back...

As I think back over this year, my mind and heart go a million different directions. This has been a very eventful year for our family and ministry. So, for the next few days I would like to share a short review of our 2016. I would also Like to share some of my goals for 2017!
 2016 Overview


What a month January was! This was the month that God laid Hungary on our hearts. We had been waiting for months for our paperwork to be approved for Greenland. Shortly after God miraculously worked out a trip for Marty and I to go to Serbia and Hungary, we got our final no from Greenland. We were so very lost at what to do. We had invested so much of ourselves into Greenland. Should we continue being missionaries? If so, then to where?
Marty and I in Serbia!


 We watched God do amazing things for us on our trip. Once we got back from our trip we took some time to pray about what the Lord wanted us to do. We didn't want to just jump at the first thing that came available. By mid February we knew that God wanted us in Hungary. It was exciting and nerve-raking all at the same time.


March was filled with packing, packing and more packing! We shipped a small pallet here to Hungary. It was like playing a giant game of Tetras. March was also the month we said see ya later to my parents. You figure after saying bye so many times it would get easier. Well, it doesn't. 
The pallet!


Moving month!! April 13th we had our sending service at Victory Baptist. Saying bye to them was just as hard as saying bye to family. Well, they are family! :)  April 16th we started making our way to Hungary! We had a misunderstanding in Paris at passport control, so we were delayed one day. But we arrived safely in Debrecen the 18th. For the first week we were here Eryn was really sick. I think she picked something up along the way. The on April 27th I got to experience the hospitals here in Hungary! I sliced open two of my fingers trying to open a new knife. I took a chunk out of my first finger and filet my middle finger, I got 8 stitches in my middle finger. Now I have my battle scars. It's safe to say that the knife won! 

See ya later to Mena!

My freshly stitched up fingers!

May...To be continued!! Tomorrow... 

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