Wednesday, December 28, 2016

My New Years goals

    Let's take a moment and think about how fast 2016 went by! Crazy fast! I hope all who read my year in review enjoyed looking back with me. After I would do a post I would remember more that happened that I didn't mention. 2016 was a year of many ups and downs, but overall, it was a good year. 
    As I look forward to 2017, I think about all that I would like to see accomplished. Then I have make my mind come back down out of the stars and think more practically. I think goal setting should be obtainable yet challenging, both physically and spiritually. If you set unobtainable goals you get frustrated and give up. I have done that a lot! So, this years goals are more practical. 

     Here are a few of my goals that I have set for myself. 

1-Pray more.

I have a prayer life, but like most people, I would like to strengthen it. Prayer is such an important part in the Christian life, but often the most neglected. 

2-Get better in Hungarian.

 This next year I would like to be able to learn even more Hungarian than I did this year. I'm an extreme beginner still, but hopefully by the end of 2017, maybe I'll just be a beginner. :)

3-Spend more quality time with my family. 

It's easy to live with people without actually spending quality time with them.  

4-Try to be more active on my blog.

 Have you guys seen Mom's Night Out? It is one of my favorite movies! The main character is a stressed out mommy blogger that desperately needs a break. She gets her break but it doesn't turn out the way she planned. If you haven't seen it, it is worth watching. Anyway, the other day Maryanna came up and asked what I was doing on my computer, and I told her I was doing a blog post. She then goes on to call me a "Mommy blogger" I just laughed and thought about Mom's Night Out. So, I said all that to say that I enjoy blogging and I'm going to try my best to do more of it!

What are some of your goals for this next year? I know mine are basic, but you have to start somewhere!

Also, what are some things that you would like for me to talk about on here? I know a lot of it is about my family, but I would like to branch out and blog more than just about us.

Lastly, thank you for taking the time this year to read about my random thoughts and babblings. :)

 I hope The Lord blesses you all in this New Year!


  1. Happy New Year, Masey! I've really been enjoying your posts and am looking forward to more from you! It's always a blessing to "catch up" with friends through their blog posts. I've enjoyed it in the past when you've posted recipes and home decor ideas and organization ideas that you've liked or used. Also, if you blog some about life in Hungary and what you find interesting, fascinating or unusual, it would be interesting to read. I, too, am hoping to blog more in the coming year, but we will see how it goes, lol. Praying the Lord continues blessing your family in the coming year.
    Hugs from Hokkaido,

    1. I'm so glad to hear that you enjoy reading my blog. 😀 There are times I feel like I'm talking to myself on here. Thank you for post ideas. I wrote them down and I will be addressing them! Have a blessed New Year in Japan!